We create exceptional folding furniture that greatly improves your living and entertaining spaces 

Foldees is a high-quality brand of designer folding chairs that are designed, manufactured and distributed by Small Oceans Ltd.

Comfortable padded premium folding chairs in a range of colors and styles.

You can checkout our range of chairs and order online via the following page:


or contact our English speaking staff via the contact information at the bottom of this page.

The company's leadership has been active in planning, manufacturing, importing and selling products for home and office design for over 20 years in collaboration with leading interior designers in Israel.

At Foldees, we are committed to providing or clients with intelligent solutions for home design. We specialize in crafting functional and premium furniture that embodies contemporary lifestyles, all while prioritizing considerations for home space.

Our production journey commences with a meticulous product planning stage, using only top-notch raw materials, and adhering to rigorous quality control protocols. 

We deeply value quality products and do all we can to ensure it!

Our English-speaking professional team is always happy to assist you and answer any questions.


Great Folding Chairs

These chairs are perfect for hosting, and they are also easy to store! 

  • Foldees have an innovative and sleek design that is suitable for daily use or when hosting.
  • Foldees are durable, comfortable and designed ergonomically and fashionably.
  • Foldees store easily and efficiently – saving space.
  • Foldees are easy to clean, care for and store.
  • Foldees come with professional service and support beginning the moment your order is placed until the product arrives at your doorstep, and even afterwards!       

Our Folding chairs will  suit and complement the design and décor of the hosting space.

Foldees were designed with a modern and clean look, are available in several colors, materials, and finishes to complete and complement your home and hosting space design and décor.

Some Features of Foldees: 

Bright and Warm:

Our choice of finishes and styles is made with a purpose. Glossy white is reflective and brightens the room, giving it a larger feel. Wood tones convey a feeling of warmth. 


Every Foldees product is multipurpose and designed to cater to different seating and entertaining needs in your home or office. 


We are certain that, like us, you desire products that last. With the increases in the prices of floor space in urban centers and throughout Israel, it clearly makes sense to select the correct furniture for each space. A smart investment in our high-quality multipurpose furniture provides you with comfort and style, and as importantly, a space-saving advantage. Your family and friends will be truly impressed with your choice! 

Fast Delivery:

All the products on our website are in our inventory, ensuring fast delivery directly from our warehouse.

 We aim to offer you the best service and make the entire selection and purchase process as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Our English-speaking professional team is always happy to assist you and answer any questions. 




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Outside Israel: : +972-58-707-8181

WhatsApp: 058-7078181

Logistics Warehouse: Modi'in, Israel

Customer Reviews

The chairs were delivered on time. The chairs are packed so well and are really great quality. We are so glad we bought them.  Good luck and feel free to use us as recommendations

Debby. S